epsproc.util.verify module

ePSproc verification functions

04/11/22 Added verifyAFiso(), based on test_AFBLM_iso, https://github.com/phockett/ePSproc/blob/4533a01c090a50ef69311e9718d32c3ce3dac9e7/tests/test_base_class.py#L106

epsproc.util.verify.verifyAFiso(data, thres=0.01, sym=('All', 'All'), pGauge='L', outputDict='AFisoChecks')[source]

Verify AFBLM calculation for isotropic by comparison with ePS GetCro outputs.

Based on test_AFBLM_iso() routine, https://github.com/phockett/ePSproc/blob/4533a01c090a50ef69311e9718d32c3ce3dac9e7/tests/test_base_class.py#L106

Note that existing test routine for use with pyTest, this version for general use.

  • data (ePSproc data class object.) –

  • thres (float, default = 1e-2) –

  • sym (tuple, optional, default = ('All','All')) – Set symmetry selections for GetCro output.

  • pGauge (str, optional, default = 'L') – Set gauge selection fro GetCro output.

  • outputDict (str, optional, default = 'AFisoChecks') – Name for output data. Will be set to data.data[key][outputDict]


Output summary per key and over all keys.

Return type


TODO: clean up input params, should match options elsewhere (e.g. matEleSelector), and use this for selections? TODO: pretty print summary