Data structures - IO demo


This notebook outlines various IO methods for reading and writing data. For a general datastructures overview, see the Data structures intro doc.

Note that this page details functional forms, for class usage see the base class intro page. However, as of June 2022, file writers are not fully implemented for the data class.

Load libraries

from pathlib import Path

import epsproc as ep

# Set data path
# Note this is set here from ep.__path__, but may not be correct in all cases - depends on where the Github repo is.
epDemoDataPath = Path(ep.__path__[0]).parent/'data'
OMP: Info #273: omp_set_nested routine deprecated, please use omp_set_max_active_levels instead.
* sparse not found, sparse matrix forms not available.
* natsort not found, some sorting functions not available.