epsproc.util.misc module

ePSproc convenience functions

Collection of small functions for sorting etc.

epsproc.util.misc.arraySort2D(a, col)[source]

Sort np.array a by specified column col. From https://thispointer.com/sorting-2d-numpy-array-by-column-or-row-in-python/

epsproc.util.misc.fileListSort(fList, groupByPrefix=True, prefixStr=None, verbose=True)[source]

Sort a list of file names, and group by prefix.

Note: this currently assumes a file name schema whereby split(‘_’)[0] picks the grouping string.

Note: os.path.commonprefix() is used for determining prefix, this may fail in some cases (e.g. for cases where a single file is passed, or files from different dirs). Pass prefix manaully in these cases.

epsproc.util.misc.stringRepMap(string, replacements, ignore_case=False)[source]

Given a string and a replacement map, it returns the replaced string. :param str string: string to execute replacements on :param dict replacements: replacement dictionary {value to find: value to replace} :param bool ignore_case: whether the match should be case insensitive :rtype: str

CODE from: https://gist.github.com/bgusach/a967e0587d6e01e889fd1d776c5f3729 https://stackoverflow.com/questions/6116978/how-to-replace-multiple-substrings-of-a-string … more or less verbatim.

Thanks to bgusach for the Gist.


Get local time and return formatted string “%d-%m-%y_%H-%M-%S” for time-stamping filesnames.