epsproc.geomFunc.wNjSympyWrapper module

ePSproc Wigner 3,6,9j implementation with Sympy

Basic wrappers to tabulate Sympy results. For preference, use w3jVecMethods which contain functions for accelerated (vector, parallel, GPU) Wigner 3j calculations with spherical_functions library.

07/11/20 v1 Adding for testing half-integer values, and 6j capabilities.

epsproc.geomFunc.wNjSympyWrapper.w3jSympy(QNs, Nflag=True)[source]

Basic wrapper for Sympy Wigner 3j function for a list of QNs.

For function details, see the Sympy documentation, https://docs.sympy.org/latest/modules/physics/wigner.html

For a higher-level wrapper (recommended), use epsproc.geomFunc.geomCalc.w3jTable(), with backend = ‘sympy’.

  • QNs (list) – List of QNs [l, lp, L, m, mp, M] to compute 3j terms for.
  • Nflag (bool, optional, default = True) – Return float or symbolic values.

w3j_QNs – List of w3j values.

Return type: